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Up Close and Personal

Nora lives in a home nearby a domanial forest in a small town in Brittany, France, with her husband, their daughter, two dogs and two cats. She is lucky enough to have found a little corner of paradise close to nature to share with her family.


Until she recently moved into her current home, Nora had no dedicated writing room and wrote from wherever she could - mostly the dining area in an open plan house which afforded little privacy. Now she has claimed a study to the front of the house, looking out onto pretty gardens. It's a perfect work space which only the dogs and cats are allowed to share with her and then only if they are behaving!


Nora writes from 9am after dropping her daughter off at school, ‘til about 4pm when she picks up her daughter from school and walks her home, often with her two dogs. She breaks at lunch time for sustenance and, perhaps more to the point, for the pleasure of eating French food, and often takes the opportunity to throw on a load of washing.  A few evenings a week she’ll read biographies or other books related to upcoming projects. The rest of the time she enjoys quiet nights in with her husband or fun nights socialising with friends.  


When she isn’t writing Nora watches movies, gardens, cooks, swims (although a lot less in Brittany than when she was living in Western Australia given the temperature difference) and from time to time is coerced into playing the occasional board or card game with her daughter. She loves animals and is an active supporter of several animal protection organisations.




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